Tartan Capital Advisors

Tartan Capital Advisors Financing Submission

For initial consideration for finance, please supply the following information:

Submit a request for consideration (with cover letter) in the form of an executive summary. Present facts about the business or situation and the current financial position. In the executive summary, provide clear and detailed criteria (as much as possible) of the following information (limit the executive summary to 3-5 pages in length).

• Business name and location – if not the same as the financing request, please indicate and provide additional information.

• Names of all owners/firm names/stockholders/and any other parties involved, (including any brokers involved and what qualifications and licensing they may have)

• Brief information about the potential financing transaction

• The amount of funds requested for the potential financing

• The use of proceeds for the proposed financing

• Description of the collateral (if any). Provide a description and brief summary of any valuations or appraisal(s)

• Has there been funds or assets invested previously, how much, when and by whom

• Do you forsee later need for further cash/investment or participation

• If there is past and current financial information, please submit an informative excerpt and description

• If there are projections, please submit an informative excerpt and by whom the projection was compiled

• How long has your group been seeking financing and to whom has request already been submitted to

• What is the expectation of finance, timing and exit strategy

Fill out and execute the below confidentiality form and acknowledgement of terms and conditions (must be executed by the principal or principals of the controlling entity). Scan and electronically forward the executive summary, executed confidentiality form and terms and conditions to:


There will be a non-refundable fee of $1,000 payable to tartan capital advisors to process the information. The fee is payable at the time of submission of the above requested information to be considered for financing. Tartan Capital Advisors will not begin its financing consideration until received. If there are any questions, please contact the finance department of Tartan Capital Advisors at:


Tartan Capital Advisors can also accept payment via wire transfer,
check or direct deposit to our bank.

Contact our finance department for our banking coordinates.

Next Steps


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